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a full-service birth-postpartum collective
Community Driven

The NEST was born out of a need for community. Our classes and events are designed with your family in mind. Every aspect of the NEST is designed to create a sense of belonging. We see the need for women to come together.  We see the longing of the world to slow down and have a conversation.  We see the desire to connect deeper and create lasting relationships.  Come connect with us, and allow your soul to slow down to a sweeter pace of life.

Natural Lifestyle Focused

Every health provider at the NEST is an expert in their natural healing field.  All of our products we use are organic and non-toxic (even our cleaning company).  We do our best to educate our community on how to decrease their toxic load and recommend the best natural living products on our "a few of our favorite things" page.

Birth Outcome Oriented

Studies have proven that when an expecting mother feels supported and has a plan in place, her birth outcome is exponentially better. At the NEST we provide pregnant women the space to not only feel well, but to also think and plan well.  We offer access to classes both in person and online.

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