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NEST Approved

We know how hard it can be navigating the world of natural living. Our goal is to make your life simple. All of these products have been tested and are NEST approved. We work with some brands that allow us a referral commission, and some of them you get a discount too. It's a win, win. Browse through some of our favorite things, and treat yourself.

We have broken them down in easy to find categories--
Natural Parenting
Natural Living

You can find a lot of these products in our collective.  Feel free to try them out next time you are in.  We are intentional with who we partner with, and are always concerned with the "why" behind the what.  Feel free to ask us about any of these products we love because odds are we have them in our homes or use them on a daily basis.

If you'd like to work alongside us we would love to chat.
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Unique Footprints

A Complete Pregnancy to Postpartum Guide
We love this ULTIMATE online pregnancy program that teaches you everything you need to know to prepare for baby. This is a holistic approach, evidence-based program that includes a 40 page pregnancy food guide, video based prenatal yoga, tranquility tools, prenatal psychology coping skills for stress management, child birth preparation, postpartum and newborn care guide, pregnancy guides including supplement guide, registry guide, and healing guide. We seriously have never seen anything like this. The BEST part about this program is that it is $7.99/mo or $79.99 for the year.
Use the code: WellNEST for 20% off.
Check out this ultimate guide HERE

Expecting and Empowered

Pregnancy + Postpartum Workout Guides
The Expecting and Empowered sisters are absolutely amazing. They provide fitness guides for each trimester of pregnancy as well as postpartum. Our mamas love their easy to follow, extremely effective program.
We love their digital, easy to use fitness guide that is broken down per trimester, and yes into postpartum. This is one of our favorite programs to recommend post baby to heal the body wisely. 
Use the code: NEST10
for $10 off your purchase.
We know you will love it.
Check out their guides HERE

Willow Pump

Life Changing Wearable Breast Pump
Choosing a good breast pump while pregnant is important so you can get to know how to use your pump.  It may also be helpful in stimulating labor. 
We love Willow Pump because it is completely hands-free and wearable. You can also use your HSA/FSA dollars for this purchase. 
No more being tied to an outlet, or pumping in a dark room alone. Many moms wear this at work or even while chasing their other babies around.
We know you'll love the freedom this pump provides.
Check out Willow Pump HERE

Earth Mama Organics

Natural Products for a Natural Pregnancy + Beyond
This is one of our favorite brands to work with.  The quality and safety of their products are amazing for pregnancy, postpartum, and baby.  Earth Mama is not just about products, they are on a mission to help mamas have a healthy birth and postpartum.
Check out their FREE birth plan builder and postpartum lay-in plan.
Some of our favorite products are the diaper balm, belly butter, peaceful mama tea for sleep, sunscreen, and any of their carefully curated pregnancy products
Earth Mama

Anook Athletics

Maternity Movement Clothing
Anook was derived from the French word, "Anouk" which means grace.  This is a mother focused company with so much intention in design. 
They are here to provide women innovative clothing that supports their bodies from their first prenatal yoga class to running after a thriving child.
They want all women to feel supported in their bodies physically, mentally, and spiritually. They take the guessing game out of what to wear so that mamas can do what they do best, empowering their little ones to create a better world.

The Birth Ball

Our Favorite Birth Ball
We love this birth ball not only for preparing your body for labor, but also for use during birth and postpartum.  If you have a desk job, one of the best things you can do is replace your office chair with this ball.  
You don't just get a ball to sit on, you also get an 18 page guide with trimester specific exercises for before, during, and after labor.  Socks with grips are included to ensure no slipping. They also include a hospital go bag with an easy to use hand pump.  
There is also and easy sizing chart to make sure you get the right one.
The Birth Ball


Belly Bandit

Baby Bump Support
Belly Bandit has ALL of your support needs from pregnancy to postpartum.  We love their support by ailment. They have support for everything from symphysis pubic dysfunction to sciatica. 
Make sure you check out their pregnancy, postpartum, and nursing leggings
They also are known for their postpartum support and shape wear after baby. 
Check them out, we know you'll love their intention and products.
Belly Bandit


Diastasis Recti Healing
MUTU provides evidence-based proven techniques to improve pelvic and abdominal symptoms including diastasis recti, embarrassing leaks, painful sex or prolapse symptoms. 
We love MUTU for busy moms who cannot make the time or financial investment of a great pelvic floor physical therapist. This is not a replacement for an amazing PT, but we love the online component to this program.
Their 12 week program has been proven time and time again for healing the body postpartum.

Kindred Bravely

Bras + Loungewear
Kindred Bravely was born out of the need for comfortable, functional, and stylish nursing bras and loungewear.  
We love their selection of nursing bras and tanks alone with leggings and activewear. 
You can't go wrong with their super soft fabric and functionality.  All of their products are designed with mom in mind. They are also passionate about community and creating a space where moms can come together to share the joys of motherhood.
Kindred Bravely

Promptly Journals

Journaling for Healing
We absolutely LOVE Promptly Journals. The intention behind the company is to bring healing and gratitude into every day life.  
Postpartum is a time that every woman should be journaling their experience. Promptly just launched a postpartum specific journal that adds to their already expansive list of self care, childhood, travel, and motherhood journals.
Check them out, we know you will love taking some time out of your day to reflect, heal, and celebrate.
Promptly Journals

Natural Parenting

Plant-based Baby Diapers
Why would we not LOVE the NEST baby diapers. If we were into making diapers, we would absolutely make these.
One, their name is the perfect fit for us, and two, they are plant-based made from hand selected ingredients--including bamboo.
They do not contain any harmful ingredients, perfumes, lotions, or allergens. We also love them because they are conscious about the environment and creating a truly sustainable company. 
Use the code TND20
(the Nest Dallas)
for 20% off your order.
NEST Diapers

NEST Diapers


Natural Cloth Diapers
If you're looking for some of the best cloth diapers, look no further than GroVia.  We love cloth diapers because they not only save you money, they save the environment as well.  
GroVia offers every type of cloth diaper, along with natural baby products.  Be sure to check out their diaper bags, toys, and wobble balance boards.
If you're looking for all of your cloth diaper needs, look no further than GroVia.

Stroller Store

Certified PreOwned Strollers
Do you have your eye on that perfect stroller, but don't love the price tag? The stroller store is the place to go for the best preowned strollers at a fraction of the price.
They advertise their strollers to be 60% off of what you would normally pay for retail.  
Looking to make some of that money back you've spent on all those baby products?  The Stroller Store will also buy your stroller or snoo from you.
Some of our favorite brands they carry include, UPPAbaby, nuna, and Thule. 
Go ahead and save some money and get that stroller you have been dreaming of.
Stroller Store. 
A Baby Wrap
Without Wrapping
Baby wearing is one of our favorite things. There are so many benefits to mom and baby.  We love the Baby K'tan because of its simplicity in style and ease of wearing.
Newborns fit best in the T-shirt like wrap, but it can accommodate up to 35 pounds. It evenly distributes weight of baby, and can be worn in 5 ergonomic positions.
We know you will love snuggling your little one in this easy to use wrap.
Baby K'tan

Baby K'tan

One of our favorite Wraps
With Wrapping
Solly Baby Wraps are some of the most beautiful wraps we have seen.  They pride themselves on being thoughtful, beautiful, and functional.
Once you get your wrapping technique down, these wraps are a breeze. You will love their soft fabrics, sturdy support, and the multitude of designs.  There is no way you can choose just one!
We also love them because they are hip healthy certified.  Meaning you don't have to worry about baby's hips growth and development.  The wrap provides enough support. 
Solly Wraps

Solly Baby Wrap

Baby Cribs

Modern Nursery

Are you looking for that perfect crib for your nursery? Modern Nursery has one of the largest selections of baby cribs.  
These cribs are beautiful and functional. We also love that they have a wide selection of non-toxic and organic crib mattresses and bedding.  
They even have a tab for all eco friendly nursery ideas.
Check them out for all of your baby bedding needs. 
Modern Nursery

Natural Living

Divine Healing Balms +
Skin Care
If you've ever been adjusted at Free to Be Chiropractic, you know how divine this muscle balm is.  The good news is that this healing muscle balm just scratches the surface on how many amazing products this company crafts.
All of their creations and small batch hand crafted with the purest ingredients.  Most of their skin care is so clean you can eat it! Even though we don't recommend it, unless it's the Honey Bee mask. 
"Their intuitive skincare encourages the body's natural system of repair and rejuvenation. What does that mean? It means they are designed to work collectively and cohesively to renew, strengthen and extend the life and beauty of your skin."
We know you will LOVE this NONTOXIC skin care and healing balms.
Make sure to use the code, DRCOURT for 20% off.
Good Medicine Beauty Lab

Good Medicine Beauty Lab

Our favorite Salt Lamps
If you've been to the NEST in Addison, you have seen all of the amazing salt lamps we have everywhere.  Salt lamps not only give the perfect amount of soothing light, they also emit negative ions that help neutralize EMFs (electromagnetic radiation). We are constantly exposed to this type of radiation with our cell phones, computers, and wifi. 
Their calming light also mimics the light in a mothers womb. We especially love these on a bedside table for late night feedings during the postpartum time. We love them for night lights in children's rooms as well.
Check out So Well and read how they are changing lives and creating vibrant communities. They have so many other beautiful products that we love including salt therapy products for overall respiratory health.
We know you will LOVE the simple beauty these products will bring to your home.
So Well

So Well 

Pillows + Massage + Foam Rollers
All of Proper Living Co's products are designed to help you move better, feel better, and sleep better.
They have our favorite foam roller, pillows, and massage tool.  All of their products are created to be used in conjunction with each other.  They have a Rest Collection and a Recovery Collection that help you on your path to optimal wellness.
We all know how important sleep is to our healing. How much deeper can you sleep if your body is at ease? We love the routine of foam rolling, muscle vibration, then jumping into your proper living co bedding for the best night sleep.
Proper Living believes in preventing illness and prolonging life. Check out their products for your recover and self care.
Use our link to receive free shipping on orders over $50.
Proper Living Co

Proper Living Co


Clean Beauty
Have you started the transition to clean beauty products, but feel overwhelmed? Look no further than Follian.  Every product on their site is completely clean, so you don't have to worry about reading all of the ingredient labels.  
We love their selection of clean makeup, skin care, deodorant, and hair care.  This is your online one stop shop for making the transition to clean living.
Enjoy these products without worrying about the silent endocrine disruptors in our traditional skin care and makeup. 
We know you will love their products.


Clean Teeth
We love this New Zealand based company who is passionate about clean toothpaste, biodegradable toothbrushes and floss, as well as cultivating healthy mouth flora for overall health and wellness.
We love this brand because they not only have amazing products for adults, but they also have an outstanding line for children.  
We all know healthy habits start early, and with grin you know your children are getting a clean product to clean their teeth and establish a healthy mouth microbiome.
Don't forget to check out their toothbrushes and biodegradable flossers. 

Glow Up

Personalized Teeth Whitening
We love glowup because it is the only whitening product that is tailored to your unique smile. They take into account dozens of factors like your teeth’s sensitivity, brushing habits, and diet to create the fastest acting, most effective, and completely senstivity-free formula for your smile. 
We also love it for busy moms because you will see results in as little as 5 minutes per day for 6 six days.
Sometimes a little refresh like a dazzling smile is all you need to take care of yourself after baby.
Let them interview you to find your perfect formula for sensitivity free teeth whitening.
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