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All of our services delivered in a monthly Bundle.

Are you newly pregnant? Trying to conceive? Navigating the postpartum life? We are here for you.  Sometimes these seasons of life can feel overwhelming, and you just want someone to tell you what to do to take care of yourself.  All of our wellNEST packages have been carefully crafted with your well being in mind.  We have bundled them up in an amazing package that you can pay monthly and cancel anytime.  Our goal is to make your life simple, so you can focus on YOU.  

Pre Conception

Are you starting the process of trying to get pregnant? Let us pamper you with our preconception package. Designed to put the mind & body at ease.
What's included?
-2 chiropractic visits per month
-1 massage per month
-1x/month lashes or facial
-1 consultation with a midwife


No matter where you are in your pregnancy journey we are here to take care of you. This package is designed to center you mind, body, and spirit. 
What's included?
-4 chiropractic visits per month
-2 massages per month
-1x/month lashes or facial
-1 consultation with a pelvic floor physical therapist 


Have you had a baby recently? Let us take care of you. Our postpartum package is designed for you to have some "mama time" as well as healing your body post birth. 
What's included?
-1 closing of the hips & belly binding instruction
-1 massage per month
-1x/month lashes or facial
-2 chiropractic visits per month
Our recommended add on:
-6 pelvic floor physical therapy sessions & personalized care plan 
(Two month duration for healing of the pelvic floor)

Build Your Own Bundle

Not in love with one of our recommended bundles?  Want to add a service to your monthly bundle?
Let our team build the perfect healing experience for you.
Email us here:
Services we offer:
-Prenatal, Pediatric, & Wellness Chiropractic
-Massage (Prenatal specialty)
-Closing of the hips
-Naturopathic Healing
-Midwifery Care
-Doula Services
-Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
-Esthetician Services (lashes & facials)
-Newborn Photography
-Nutritional Therapy
-IBCLC lactation specialist (coming soon!) 
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